PRI Staff COVID Update – June 15, 2022

Dear PRI Staff,

Here is today’s COVID Update:

Main Building

  • 2 more students in the main building, Upper Dorm Team 5,  produced positive COVID tests during rapid testing today.  They are among the students already being monitored with symptoms and were already in isolation. The remaining 2 students in that room remain negative but symptomatic.   
  • 4 students on Team 2 who tested positive for COVID earlier week continue to isolate on the upper dorm.
  • We continue with daily rapid testing of the main building.
  • As mentioned earlier week, the first 4 students who tested positive last week are feeling better, and have returned to the community, albeit maintaining careful cohorting and protocols.
  • The main building is operating as two separate cohorts:  upper and lower dorm, and continues to stay separate from Moffat House.

Lang House

Lang House is the same today:  one of the students tested positive for COVID – he was on the Team 2 trip recently.  His symptoms seem to be resolving. Lang House continues to monitor with daily rapid testing as well.

Moffat House

As mentioned, Moffat House continues to run normally, but as a cohort distinct from the main building.


No additional staff members have tested positive. 

In all cases, students and staff are so far demonstrating relatively mild symptoms.