Through our masterclasses, The Centre for Family Initiatives at Pine River Institute provides families and educators helpful tools, tips, and strategies to reduce the stigma of mental health and to promote mental wellness.

Our webinar program includes free masterclasses featured below. 

Dr. Reedy presents a formula for increasing resiliency in our children. Using attachment theory, we learn how a parent’s self-awareness and psychological work increase their ability to provide children with a secure base and Self-image. This base is the foundation for the development of a healthy Self.  Dr. Reedy says parents must change the goal from raising “good” and “successful” children to raising healthy Selves. Dr. Reedy outlines how parents’ exploration of their own childhood and traumas can impact future generations. Topics include parental anxiety, definitions of Self for parents and children, and how common myths in parenting need to be reconsidered.

Dr. Bryson demonstrates that when a caregiver cares for a child predictably (not perfectly) , that child will enjoy the very best outcomes, even in the face of significant adversity. To help our kids succeed and feel at home in the world, our children need to feel what Bryson and Dr. Dan Siegal call “the Four S’s”.

Participants will learn how to assess and make sense of trauma-based symptoms, such as dysregulated autonomic arousal, overwhelming emotions and sensations, intrusive images, numbing and disconnection. They will discover how to use psychoeducation to help clients manage these overwhelming symptoms and change their relationship to the traumatic events. In addition, participants are taught how to integrate neurobiologically–informed treatment techniques into psychotherapy which help resolve the traumatic past and finally put it to rest.

Dr. Dan Siegel focuses on mindfulness, MWe, and our interconnected reality. Who you are is both an internal (Me) and an interconnected (We) self that shapes your identity and sense of belonging. But how can you be both within the body and between the body and in relationship to people and the planet? In this masterclass, Dr. Dan Siegal will explores how you can combine an inner “Me” and an inter “We” to become a whole integrated self – a MWe!

Dr. Brad Reedy discusses healthy ways to raise our youth.

Dr. Reedy is the Co-founder and Clinical Director for Evoke Therapy Programs. 

He is the author of The Audacity To Be You and The Journey of the Heroic Parent.

 Julie provides clarity on the issue of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. This discussion dispels some of  the myths that surround this crime and provides parents, caregivers and those supporting young people a fact-based understanding of the issue, while exploring strategies to identify risk, plan for interventions and seek community and family-based solutions.

Author and educator Tom Hierck, shares how to confidently and meaningfully support young people who have been impacted by trauma.