Dowie: With youth in mind, Ontario must review its cannabis activities

Pine River Institute’s position on youth and cannabis is reaching a broader audience with the recent publication of an opinion piece in the Ottawa Citizen by PRI’s CEO Vaughan Dowie.

In the OpEd, published online last Friday and in the Ottawa weekend paper, Vaughan calls on the Ontario government to conduct its own legislative review, as the federal government is doing with the national Cannabis Act Legislative Review.

“It is imperative the government of Ontario undertake its own review – especially since it’s falling short of the vital task of educating young people about the real risks of cannabis,” wrote Vaughan.

You can read the full opinion piece here.

“This kind of public exposure is very significant,” said PRI Board member Claire Fainer. “It furthers our reputation as an effective advocate for prevention, early intervention, and treatment on behalf of all of Ontario’s youth and young adults.”