PRI Staff COVID Update – March 25, 2022

Dear PRI Staff, 

Here is today’s COVID update: 

All of the students were rapid antigen tested again today: 

Moffat House 

Two more students in Moffat House tested positive and are now in isolation. 

A third student, who tested negative with a rapid test earlier today, is since showing some symptoms and is also now in isolation.

The first three students who tested positive on Monday all have reached day 5 of isolation, with symptoms resolving.  So, under provincial health guidelines, they have been released back into the Moffat House community today. 

They have been made aware to be diligent in wearing their masks through day 10. 

Other students will follow as they reach day five, as long as they are fully vaccinated, and if their symptoms are resolving. 

We continue to maintain a strict separation between Moffat House and the main building. 

If you have any questions regarding a close contact, please reach out to Jamie or Jennifer

Main Building 

All main building students tested negative in their rapid test today.  None are showing symptoms.  The student who was isolating as a precaution received a negative PCR test and has been released back into the main building community. 


No additional staff members have reported positive test results or new symptoms. 

Thank you again to each of you for your additional efforts during this challenging time.