PRI Staff COVID Update – July 25, 2022

Dear PRI Staff, 

We have had a positive COVID test in the OLE. 

So far, at least one other student is symptomatic (though not yet testing positive). 

Given the nature of close living in the OLE, we are operating with the assumption the other students and staff have been exposed. 

We are in the midst of finalizing a plan to move the OLE student team and staff contingent to Campus. 

The intention is: 

  • Set up the OLE team in the Trillium room, with tents and protocols around washroom use and an assigned entrance and exit. 
  • The OLE student team will be transported to Campus by van on Tuesday, coordinated with the regular OLE staff team shift 
  • The incoming OLE staff contingent, including OLE Clinical lead Jake, will also come to campus. 
  • A specific program for the OLE students is underway, under the leadership of Jake and Jamie, to ensure the students are kept busy, and separate from the rest of the campus population.  The OLE staff team will manage the OLE student programming and supervision 
  • The OLE team will follow masking protocols and continue with daily Rapid testing 

We will continue to share information as we have it.  As always, we appreciate your patience and contributions towards holding the community.