OLE Moving into a New Base of Operations and Winter Camp Spot

Dan Ardis, PRI’s Director, Operations and Campus Life, shares this update:

This is our new OLE Base of Operations. It is located in Strong Township, adjacent to HWY 11, and just a bit south of Sundridge. It is a three-bedroom / one-bathroom bungalow with a partially finished basement offering ample room for storage and staging of operations both inside and out. It is located on approximately five acres with lots of parking and some outdoor storage, and a driveshed. The team is excited to be moving in by about mid-November and we are currently completing some interior painting, cleaning, and minor upgrades (shelving & some electrical work to support our needs).

The winter base has moved from Limberlost to Long Lake, in Joly Township. This has been historically a winter camp for Wendigo Lake Expeditions and is very well suited to our purposes. It is approximately a one-acre lease on crown land with endless access to Crown Land for winter operations. It includes several outbuildings to support the staging and deployment of our winter trekking program. We will be transitioning as well to this property through November. More to come on this