BEEKEEPING:  Harvesting Honey on Campus

Thanks to our busier bees, this fall’s honey harvest yielded more than 15 gallons (roughly 60 litres) of the sticky sweet stuff.  

Honey Harvesting at the PRI campus

Not a bad haul for our newly expanded bee farm.  With the help of a program parent who is a bee-keeper in Collingwood, campus now has three thriving colonies, each with a busy queen. 

Throughout this season, Dan Ardis, Pine River’s Senior Director of Operations and Campus Life, and a group of students have received mentorship in safely managing our campus bee yard. Tethered to the school curriculum, students have been taking a deeper dive into Apiculture – the science and art of raising honeybees.   

“They’re amazing creatures,” said Dan Ardis. “The way they communicate, the way they operate, the way the populate – it’s just unbelievable!” 

The honey is being used by our campus kitchen and has also been prepared for sale and as gifts.