PRI Staff COVID Update – May 3, 2022

Hi All,

With the easing of many community restrictions but the extension of the mask mandate to June 11th, we have made the following changes to our Covid protocols.

  • Staff, students and visitors will continue to wear masks until at least June 11th  as per MOH Class Order issued on April 25th
  • While we are no longer wearing visors, they will still be required during point of care assessments (donning of full PPE) when students are unwell
  • We will move from an active screening process to a passive screening process, which means staff will self-screen before coming to work.  We will no longer be asking questions upon entry or recording your temperature effective Tuesday, May 3
  • Staff will continue to RAT on the schedule previously outlined and we will re-evaluate this protocol on June 11th. Test kits will continue to be available. Screening signage will remain posted upon entry.
  • Family visits will continue outdoors with siblings and indoors such as the Art Cabin or designated spaces in Moffat House. Visits occurring in Moffat House will require visitors to enter through the back entrance and masking is to be maintained until at least June 11th.  Families will continue to RAT before the visit
  • Clinical groups have resumed. Masking and social distancing while in these groups will be maintained until June 11th.
  • All recreational groups will resume effective May 3. Masks and social distancing while in these groups will be maintained until June 11th.
  • Dining with staff at tables will resume (started May 2 at dinner)
  • Our cleaning team will resume a pre-covid cleaning schedule. Students are asked to wipe off their tables once they have finished their meals

This is a significant shift for us as it gets us closer to a pre-COVID community.

We will continue to plan for contingencies if and when activities may need to be curtailed to ensure the health and safety of the students, staff, and visitors in the setting.

Thank you again for all that your contribute to Pine River Institute,

Vaughan Dowie