PRI Staff Covid Update – March 21, 2022

Hi All,

I would like to share the following Covid update today;

  • All students on campus received a rapid antigen test today
  • 3 students on Team 3 tested positive
  • Nurse Wendy completed their PCR tests and they will go out for processing on March 22.
  • The positive students have been placed in isolation together in room 212 pending results of their PCR tests. Iso bins have been set up.
  • Staff are to ensure they are wearing the appropriate PPE
  • Room 210 has been vacated and our new student Ines will be going into this room tomorrow
  • Moffat House will be treated as a closed cohort
  • The kitchen team will be preparing individual meals for Moffat House students (isolated students to eat in room 212, Team 3 and Team 4 students to eat separately in Trillium and Common room
  • Moffat House staff are asked to limit co mingling of Team 3 and 4 during dorm time. The program team will have a rotational bathroom and program schedule for you tomorrow
  • We ask staff that support Team 3 and 4 to consider their contacts with these students. If you were not masked or able to maintain 2 m distance, please advise Jamie or Jennifer
  • The parent intensive scheduled to take place on property beginning tomorrow will take place off site
  • The transition ceremony scheduled for tomorrow will be zoom only
  • We have informed Public Health and have received an outbreak number
  • All students will be rapid antigen tested again on Tuesday and Wednesday

We will keep you apprised of any updates on a regular basis.