PRI Staff COVID Update – January 15, 2022

Dear PRI Staff,

A member of our staff team has tested positive for COVID-19 with a PCR test.

The staff member last worked on Campus on Monday and Tuesday (Jan. 10th and 11th).

Because the employee respected the COVID protocols when interacting with students and staff, we have not identified any high-risk contacts. 

We are in touch with public health and will follow any additional advice we receive.

It is imperative to continue with the safety protocols of masks and visors/eye-protection at all times while interacting with students and fellow staff.  Those who have medical exemptions from wearing visors/eye-protection must at no time be within two meters of anyone else. 

Please continue with the RAT testing schedule and monitor yourself for any symptoms.

Thank you for your continuing diligence with PPE and maintaining physical distancing.  It has narrowed our contact risk significantly!