Generous Donors Fuel Pine River’s Giving Season Success

Pine River is pleased to share its thanks to the many generous donors who contributed this Giving Season (including many of you on our Staff team!).

From Giving Tuesday (November 28) through to December 31st, our campaign raised more than $165,000.

While government funding covers our basic operations, fundraising is vital for programs, equipment, renovations, family bursaries and our Aftercare program.

The drive got a boost from one particular donor who matched the first $25,000 in the door, helping us to reach this impressive goal.

But this goal would not have been achieved without the contributions from staff. In a tremendous show of support for Pine River, demonstrating their commitment to the mission well beyond their jobs, 28 Pine River employees also made valuable contributions through the payroll deduction program. Your contributions demonstrate belief in the Pine River program and provide leverage that encourages others to give.

“The gift of a Pine River staff person says to others, ‘If employees are providing charitable gifts from their paycheques, then surely I can and should also donate to this impressive institute,’” said Jill Palmer, Executive Director of Development. “Students and families feel even more supported, knowing the staff are behind them through their work and their donations.”

Pine River Board members have also stepped up again this year to provide generous donations, reaching 100% participation.

These newly raised funds are having an immediate impact on the youth and families we serve in several ways:

  • Expanding our Equine Therapy program by adding a winter session (our students benefit in huge ways from the time they spend learning to ride, care for, and find balance their own emotional regulation with horses).
  • Continuing our canoeing and rowing programs, both with equipment and skills instruction.
  • Supporting families on our waitlist with counselling and resources through a guided program, while they wait for a spot for their teen in our live-in program.

And while it might not be an exciting purchase for some, this fundraising has also enabled us to purchase a newer Toyota Tundra, vital in transporting students, staff and equipment to our campus and the Outdoor Leadership Experience (OLE) in the wilderness near Algonquin Park.

Our gratitude goes out to all who contributed!

Jill Palmer
Executive Director of Development