Pine River Celebrates Art Exhibition at the Press Room Gallery in Collingwood

Pine River’s recent art exhibition celebration at the Press Room Gallery in Collingwood attracted an enthusiastic crowd eager to explore the eclectic display and discover the significant positive impact creativity has on the mental well-being of our students.

“It means so much to me to have seen it,” said one of the alumni parent visitors, “and if (other) people visiting the art exhibit have a similar reaction to me, they will be captivated and astounded.”

‘The Masks We Wear: Healing Through Art’ exhibit showcases a variety of visual works created by Pine River youth, parents and alumni over the last decade.

Highlighting Pine River’s Self Awareness Mask project, the show marks a significant creative endeavour that each student participates in as part of their therapeutic journey.

A video screening in the adjacent auditorium took participants inside Pine River’s art cabin to hear from the students themselves about the profound impact of the project.

The exhibit was conceptualized and orchestrated by Ann Clifford, The Visual Arts Facilitator at Pine River, an award-winning sculptor and celebrated Community Arts Practitioner. With nearly a decade of leadership in our visual arts program, Ann shared her insights during the event. She was joined by an alumni student, both engaging in a Q&A session with the audience.

The exhibit runs until the end of June, Wednesday to Sunday, at the Press Room Gallery in Collingwood, located at 65 Simcoe Street. Visit our dedicated webpage to view videos and learn more about the project.

You can also visit the dedicated page on our website to view the videos and learn more about the project.