October 2021: Alumni parent shares the Pine River story

Alumni parent Peter Neal took to the airwaves on Zoomer radio on Saturday to share his family experience with listeners of The Tonic Show Podcast, hosted by Tonic Magazine Publisher Jamie Bussin. 

The Tonic is “an engaging and evocative show about health and wellness.” 

You can listen to the full interview here.

Peter Neal had this to say about all of you: “These people who are working there day in, day out, 24 hours a day, literally, you know, watching these kids working with these kids (…). I always say you couldn’t pay me enough, but you know, my wife and I, we just called these people angels. They were our saviors. And, you know, after 20 months and then follow up after the program, we learned a lot about ourselves. We learned a lot about relationships in general, let alone what we needed to do from a relationship standpoint with our daughter (…). It was a very difficult experience living with her, and it was a very difficult experience for her just living. And there were many times where we didn’t know if that was going to continue happening. She went through hell and back and thank goodness for Pine River. It literally saved our lives and our daughter’s life, our family, for sure.

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