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Rooted in Change, a Pine River Masterclass: Dr. Daniel Siegel

October 6, 2022 @ 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

The Centre for Family Initiatives is the educational programming branch of Pine River Institute. Through our Masterclass program, Rooted in Change, we provide webinars from expert speakers on a variety of parenting and mental health topics.


Mindfulness, MWe, and Our Interconnected Reality” Presented by Dr. Dan Siegel

Who you are is both an internal (Me) and an interconnected (We) self that shapes your identity and sense of belonging. But how can you be both within the body and between the body and in relationship to people and the planet? In this talk we will explore how you can combine an inner “Me” and an inter “We” to become a whole integrated self – a MWe! In many ways, we are more like interconnected verb-like events rather than only noun-like separate entities. The symbolic term MWe integrates the inner aspect of who we are with the interconnected facet of our lives: Me plus We equals MWe. Integration is composed of differentiated aspects being linked without losing the uniqueness of the differentiated components. Me does not get lost in MWe, it is woven with the equally important differentiated sense of We. With this more integrated sense of our identity, MWe can move forward to cultivate personal, interpersonal, and even planetary health and flourishing.

Some questions that will be addressed/answered:

1. What is identity?
2. How is health related to a sense of self?
3. What is integration?
4. Why does integration create health?
5. Without integration do we lead a life of chaos and rigidity; with integration we live with harmony?
6. What kind of steps can a child or adolescent take to integrate a MWe self?
7. What is the Wheel of Awareness?
8. How do school, society, and media reinforce a sense of a separate self that reveals impaired integration of our identity?
9. How does the limited view of a separate self lead to unhappiness, trouble, and unhealth in the world?


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October 6, 2022
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm