Code of Conduct


The Employee Code of Conduct provides a guideline based upon our mission and values, as well as the standard of professional conduct and ethical behaviour that is expected of all Pine River (Pine River Institute and Pine River Foundation) employees.


Pine River is committed to maintaining the highest standards of professional excellence in the delivery of service to our clients. We value honesty and integrity in our relationships with employees, clients and community partners. It is an expectation that employees conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the organization’s values and principles in the performance of their duties. Employees are expected, to observe the laws of Canada and Ontario and comply with the policies and procedures of Pine River. Employees’ conduct shall at no time be in contravention of the law. In addition, employees belonging to professional colleges are expected to abide by the code of ethics or professional standards set forth for them by the appropriate governing body. If there is any doubt as to the applicability of a particular law or policy, the employee should consult with his or her supervisor, or Human Resources.

Pine River is committed to providing and maintaining a workplace where all persons are treated with dignity, fairness and respect. Pine River employees are expected to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the core values of the organization:

  • Treat everyone with respect and dignity; 
  • Foster an environment of innovation, caring and excellence;
  • Ensure continuous improvement through careful and considered change;
  • Act with integrity in all of our relationships and all we do.

In order to maintain the highest standard of professionalism and conduct within our workplace and to ensure excellence in the delivery of service to our clients, employees are expected to adhere to the Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct is not intended to be allinclusive but rather represent the broad standards of behaviour. Failure to comply with the following standards my result in disciplinary action up and including termination of employment. All employees as a condition of employment, must sign an acknowledgement of this Code as evidence that they have read and understood the Code, and thereby agree to adhere to its contents. All employees must affirm compliance with the Code on an annual basis, which indicates the employee’s continued understanding of the Code.

Policy-Specific Information and Responsibilities


Acknowledgment of Confidential Information.

You acknowledge that, in the course of your employment with Pine River, you shall receive confidential information with respect to the business of Pine River Institute and Pine River Foundation and affairs of its donors, prospective donors, clients, students and employees, including financial and funding information about Pine River Institute and Pine River Foundation, the disclosure of which confidential information would be highly detrimental to the best interests of Pine River Institute and Pine River Foundation and its clients, members and employees.

Non-Disclosure of Confidential Information.

You hereby covenant not to disclose at any time, either during or after the termination of your employment with Pine River Institute, Pine River Foundation, such confidential information, including but not limited to financial information, funding information and the affairs of the donors, prospective donors, clients, students or employees or any part thereof and other information which in good faith and good conscience ought to be treated as confidential, to any unauthorized person or persons not employed by Pine River Institute or Pine River Foundation, and not to make any improper use, either directly or indirectly of such confidential information or trade secrets.

Conflict of Interest

You hereby acknowledge your obligation to act in the best interests of our students, their families and our organization, and agree to disclose any potential conflict of interest that may exist, or be perceived to exist, prior to the promotion, recommendation or referral of any services, products or organizations, where such promotion, recommendation or referral may cause you to profit, directly or indirectly.

Pine River employees are expected to act in the best interest our organization and its reputation. They are therefore expected to avoid:

  • placing themselves in a situation where they know or ought to have known that their personal interests may actually or potentially conflict with the interest of Pine River, and
  • the exercise of any influence on Pine River decisions, in which they directly or indirectly have a personal interest.

All Pine River employees are required to inform their Manager, or EDO or CEO of any course of action, CEO are required to inform their Board Chair, they have pursued, are pursuing or are contemplating pursuing, that may create a perceived or actual conflict of interest. If deemed a conflict by the Manager, or EDO, CEO, or Board Chair, the employee must withdraw from any involvement in negotiations, discussions or decisionmaking from which the conflict arises, unless the conflict is deemed immaterial.

Gifts, Hospitality and Other Benefits

Neither an employee nor a member of the employee’s immediate family may accept any gift, entertainment hospitality, or other favour that exceeds the retail amount of $100.00, from any individual or organization doing business, competing or receiving service with Pine River Institute or Pine River Foundation.

Employees who receive gifts in excess of the allowable amount are required to donate such items to the organization.

An employee who has any doubt about the propriety of accepting or giving any gift, favour, etc., shall contact their manager, Executive Director of Operations or the CEO for guidance. CEO should contact their Board Chairs regarding any doubts about the propriety of accepting gifts,  favours, etc.

Employees are responsible for reporting to their respective manager, within twenty‐four (24) hours, the receipt of any such gift, favour, and/or entertainment by the employee or members of their immediate family

Pine River Institute Property

All Pine River-issued telephones, and computer systems, including, but not limited to, computers, laptops, servers, networks, mobile devices radios, etc. are the property of the organization. These systems must not be used in any way that would violate any Pine River policy. All documents, data, and information in any form composed, sent, stored and received on or over the Pine River systems is the property of the organization. Pine River reserves the right to monitor the use of these systems.

Other Expectations

  • Employees are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. They are required to keep themselves apprised of any changes in policy and procedure and are to be guided in their conduct accordingly. They will perform their duties within the policies and procedures of the organization in order to provide the best possible service to their clients
  • Employees will be prompt and punctual for all shifts, staff meetings and conferences
  • Employees are expected to treat all property, equipment, furnishings and physical facilities with respect and care. Supplies or equipment belonging to the organization may not be “borrowed” or removed from the premises without the permission of the supervisor or manager, including telephones, desktop and laptop computers. Abuse or inappropriate use of property or equipment will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal
  • Employees are expected to exhibit a neat, well-dressed and professional appearance with due regard for the requirements of the job they are performing
  • Employees will not report for work while impaired by a serious illness, substance use, or other dysfunction that the employee knows, or ought to reasonably know impairs his/her ability to perform the responsibilities of their position.
  • Initiating any outside contact with a client or previous clients of the organization, if outside of their professional duties, is strictly prohibited. Similarly, outside contact initiated by a client or previous client outside of professional duties should not be pursued. Unsolicited contact from current or previous clients that fall outside of the professional relationship should be reported to your Manager. If you are unsure whether the contact falls inside or outside of the professional relationship, please consult your Manager.
  • Contact with a former client for the purpose of providing professional services may only occur with the approval of the employees’ supervisor or manager


Although the Employee Code of Conduct addresses a number of specific issues, it should not be regarded as a comprehensive listing of compliance issues. Instead, the Employee Code of Conduct should be regarded as a guiding principle that applies to all that we do. Questions about specific ethical or compliance issues should be directed to an employees’ supervisor or Human Resources.

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