Amanda Ragazzon

Amanda Ragazzon

Admissions and Community Outreach Director

ReJoined Pine River: 2020

Amanda thrives on living an active lifestyle within her community with her big family at her side. As a mom who has experienced adoption and  supports children who have special needs, she firmly believes that all individuals deserve opportunities and dignity on their personal journeys. As a fierce advocate for youth and their families, Amanda has created paths for treatment through building successful networks.

Amanda graduated as a Community Outreach and Development Worker; which led her through varying endeavours in Public Safety and Security, Health Care, non-profit and private programs. Landing at Pine River Institute over a decade ago she was impressed by the unwavering support for new beginnings offered to courageous youth and families as they tackled the challenges of mental health, addiction and unhealthy patterns of behaviour.

Amanda supports the expansion of family and youth programming through collaborative partnerships and by guiding families through their journey to treatment at Pine River.