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Pine River's Annual Evaluation Report serves a dual purpose; it is an in-house tool for performance quality improvement, and a source of information for our stakeholders. The findings are relevant for all aspects of the organization, including risk management, administration, program development, financial planning, staffing, communications/marketing, and organizational presentations. We also trust that the information will be valuable for funders, government decision-makers, practitioners, researchers, and our referral network.

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Good news for the Youth Addiction Sector in Ontario



Pine River Institute receives $327,500 grant to help develop a common approach to outcomes as part of a collaborative partnership with 11 other organizations across Ontario providing youth addiction services.  

Click here to read more about this collaborative initiative.  

“I have had the opportunity to work with many high quality initiatives.  I can with confidence say that none has been able to match the quality I have seen first-hand at PRI.  Your vision, mission, passion, and dedication to quality are unparalleled.”


A unique strength of Pine River Institute is its seamlessly integrated program evaluation and research strategy.  We are committed to continuous learning and reflection.  Are we doing what we said we would do?  Do we understand what is working or not working?  Through careful documentation, reflection and review, we continuously monitor our work; compare our outcomes; seek new knowledge; and contribute to expanding the understanding of how to work effectively with young people and their families as they transition to adulthood. Our goal is to develop evidence-informed practice, and in time, evidence-based practice as our research capacity expands.   

Watch Samantha Yamada's Ted Talk on how measuring impact at Pine River creates hope  >>

Through thoughtful and conscientious documentation - including intake assessment tools, regular journaling and logs, regular evaluation - we are building a base for later outcome research.  We are also building relationships with those who can enhance our ability to contribute to the knowledge base in this field, including  prominent researchers from Canadian universities and the U.S. based National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs Research Consortium.

We are committed to making a meaningful contribution to best practices knowledge regarding helping adolescents and families deal effectively with mental health and addiction issues.  Our research is disseminated so that it can best impact the relevant education and health policies and programs in Canada.

Most of all, we foster the curiosity of every staff member about the impact of what they do every day.

Click here to read about SickKids, Pine River, and York University's joint workshop on Building a Community of Practice in Adolescent Mental Health and Addictions: Sharing the Challenge of Outcome Research

How far does $1 spent on treatment at Pine River go?  Click here to read the Rotman School of Management's Social Return on Investment Analysis of Pine River

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