The Call for an Integrated Family Systems Model

Journal of Therapeutic Schools and Programs - February 2019

The Call for an Integrated Family Systems Model by Liz van Ryn, Family Program Director and Dr. Victoria Creighton, Clinical Director, both at Pine River Institute.

Providing transformative family therapy within a therapeutic treatment program is difficult to do. Pine River Institute attempted to meet this challenge by integrating a family systems model throughout their treatment program. The family systems model is largely informed by Satir Family Therapy, given the focus on strengths, personal responsibility, and experiential nature. Three significant programs changes were needed in order to ensure the success of the integration of the family system model: shifting treatment philosophy and culture within the organization, adopting a family therapy model, and training and self-development work for all staff. Program objectives and descriptions were offered, as well as preliminary findings (from both parent narratives and from the research and program evaluation department) on program efficacy.