Newsletter October 2018

Donor’s Challenge Will Triple Your Gift

Thanks to one donor’s vision, our Room for Hope campaign has taken a giant step closer to fully funding the new Girls’ Dorm and Transition House. The donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, will give $2 for every $1 donated or pledged before March 31, 2019.

Asked what inspired the matching gift, the donor responded: “This has touched us and so many people we know. PRI can give a child in distress ways past the pain and sadness and helplessness of addiction.

“I want to inspire people to take action that is not only life changing, it is life saving. Support the expansion of Pine River’s proven, successful rehabilitation program and I’m prepared to donate up to $2 million. So if you act now, the impact of your gift will be tripled. And more youth, and their families, will find new hope, a world of possibilities and futures filled with potential.”

With your support, and this transformational gift, the new Girls’ Dorm and Transition House could be operational within 12 to 18 months, nearly doubling PRI’s capacity and bringing new hope for the 200+ families on our wait list.

Click here to donate. Your gift, and your impact, will be tripled!

First Nation Program Adapts PRI Model

Gwekwaadziwin Miikan, a new land-based youth addiction and mental health facility in Little Current, Manitoulin Island, has opened with a program partly based on the PRI model.

“Gwekwaadziwin” is one of the Seven Grandfather Teachings and means “living the right way” in Ojibwe. Program staff at Gwekwaadziwin Miikan visited the PRI campus and our Outdoor Learning Experience location in April. They worked closely with our staff to adapt the Pine River model and integrate it into an Anishinabek culture-based program. Gwekwaadziwin Miikan is currently running a Seven Grandfather Teachings stream for 19 to 30-year-olds. A Four Directions stream for 13 to 19-year-olds is planned.

PRI CEO Vaughan Dowie attended the centre’s open-house on May 25. “A lot of the principles are the same as PRI’s, but of course they are adding significant cultural aspects, as they should and must, to resonate with their values and their clientele,” he said.

Gwekwaadziwin Miikan’s first intake began on May 28. According to Vaughan, the collaboration with PRI will continue: “We look forward to sharing and exchanging information and experience with Gwekwaadziwin Miikan.”

Giving Thanks

Here we share messages of gratitude from PRI parents, graduates, and staff.

“The first emotion that comes to mind when I think of PRI: gratitude. Our son absolutely sees it; Pine River didn’t just give him back his life, it helped him toward a whole new life.” –Lisa, PRI parent

“I’d like to thank our donors. Thanks to you, we have a new 15-seat van, a low-ropes challenge course, mountain bikes, and canoes – all important items for our wide-ranging program!” –John Fallis, Executive Director of Operations

“No one is as thoughtful and connected and intuitive as the Pine River staff. There’s something that pulls you in and makes you feel safe.” –Abby, PRI graduate

“It’s been wonderful for our family. We’ve all learned valuable things, especially the ability to be real in all of our flawed humanity, and I think that makes a big difference.”—Susan, PRI parent

“The kids are incredibly grateful for these mountain bikes, and so am I. We used to borrow bikes. Now that we have our own, our riding season is longer. They’re terrific bikes.” –Fred Tustin, Residential Youth Counsellor

“I learned so much from the PRI program as a parent. I learned about boundaries and not taking responsibility for other people’s actions. My own journey of recovery has been so much richer because of the PRI experience.”

--Sarah, PRI parent