Congratulations Pine River Institute Class of 2019!

On a warm spring day, the Minden Room at Pine River Institute buzzed with excitement as students, teachers, staff and family members assembled to celebrate seven Pine River students, who stood anxiously at the front of the room ready to receive their Ontario Secondary School Diplomas.  “I can’t believe that I’m here,” said one parent.  “A year ago, I didn’t think it would be possible for [my son] to attend classes at all, let alone graduate High School.”

Educational engagement is a key element of the Pine River program. Each team at Pine River has a dedicated teacher from the Upper Grand District School Board with Special Education qualifications. In consultation with the clinical team, teachers develop a unique academic plan for each student that caters to his or her specific strengths and fosters success and pride in their education. 

Every 2019 Pine River graduate travelled their own path to reach this milestone. 30 Thirty credits are required to receive a diploma; some students had to complete only two credits when they arrived at Pine River, others had 13 or more. But no matter their path, it was clear from listening to the speeches that hard work was the key to finishing high school for these students. “Combining flexibility and perseverance proves to me that you are resilient,” said John Fallis, Executive Director of Pine River, in his commencement speech. “We have watched your struggles and now we see your successes… we are proud of your achievements.”

Please join us in congratulating  Pine River Institute's High School Graduates, Class of 2019!