2017 Staff Photo Contest

Do you have a passion for photography? Think you've got an eye for composition? Have you mastered the selfie?
We want to see Pine River through your lens.

Show off your skills by taking part in the first-ever PRI Staff Photo Contest.  

Submit your photos that depict the essence of campus life and OLE by August 1st for the chance to win. Prizes include $25 gift certificates from Tim Horton's or Walmart. Top photos will also be featured in the 2016/17 Annual Report. And, the ultimate prize: bragging rights, of course!

Contest prize categories:

  1. Landscapes and structures (any season)  
  2. Therapy and learning
  3. Sports and recreation
  4. People and relationships

Contest rules:

  • You can submit up to 15 photos for consideration. 
  • Photos taken in months or years  past will be accepted unless they have previously been submitted for use by PRI/F.
  • All photos must be of high resolution (300 dpi or more).
  • Photos must be submitted in JPEG, TIFF, or PNG format.
  • The deadline for submissions is 11:59 p.m. on August 1st.
  • Client (youth and family members) privacy is of the utmost importance. As such, while we encourage you to get creative (no backs of heads please) in finding ways to include clients in your photos, only photos that preserve client anonymity will be accepted. 
  • Pine River Institute and Foundation reserve the right to use any photo submitted as part of this contest, at their discretion and for as long as desired.

Please submit your photos to denise@pineriverfoundation.com.

Feel free to email any questions you may have to Denise as well, or give her a call at 416-955-1453. 

Good luck!

Here are a few tips for including clients in photos:

Exposure sm.jpg

Underexposure can work:

Try playing with exposure like the photo above to obscure identifying features.


Composition is key:

Include clients while maintaining their anonymity by making staff the focus of your photo.

faceless 4.jpg

Prop(el) your pics:

Thoughtful use of books, sports equipment, and natural elements can help tell the story.