We'll be presenting at the upcoming NATSAP Conference

Laura Mills, our Director of Research & Evaluation, and Dr. Rick Biesinger from Innerchange will host an interactive session that will dialogue about the benefits of investing in research, best practices to sustain a culture of research in a resource-challenged environment, and challenges to avoid when engaging evaluative practice.

The conference will be held Feb 7 – 9 in Irvine, CA, and is an excellent venue for knowledge exchange, networking, and forging meaningful partnerships with international colleagues. 

Laura Mills is Director of Research & Evaluation at Pine River.  She is completing her PhD in Psychology in the area of Quantitative Methodology (Statistics). She is responsible for evaluating the effectiveness of Pine River’s treatment to inform program planning and for conducting research that will help build an evidence base in the field of adolescent addictions and mental health. Her vision for the research department is growth through accountability, pioneership, and knowledge exchange. Laura’s PhD research focuses on a novel statistical procedure that works well with ‘messy’ data and her previous work has included research for the Simcoe County District School Board, consultant for the Statistical Consulting Service at York University, and rehabilitation worker for adults with serious mental health issues. She has a passion for photography, running, and the outdoors.

Rick Biesinger works at InnerChange, a parent company for four treatment facilities specializing in systemic treatment for females and their families.  Rick conducts psychological evaluations on the students in the program.  InnerChange is highly dedicated to furthering the advancement in outcome research.  Rick interprets the research for all of the InnerChange programs, in an effort to help improve the quality of care provided.  In addition, Rick maintains a private practice and teaches graduate students.  He is married and he has six children, all of whom keep him and his wife quite busy.