Weekly Training Tips from Coach Paul

Each week leading up to the TREAD 6 Hour Trail Run Relay for Pine River Coach Paul will be offering a training tip on our facebook event page.  The event page is also a great place to connect with other participants!  

Here’s last week’s tip:

We have a saying in the running world: “cotton is rotten”.

Cotton can hold up to 30 times its weight in water as well as taking forever to dry. You should be picking your gear for race day as early as you can to make sure you are comfortable. This applies to all your running gear, but socks and under garments are most important, as they will help prevent blisters and chaffing. Trying new clothes as early as possible, during training runs, will give you ample time to find what works and what doesn’t. Dri-fit and technical athletic wear is highly recommended. 

Keep Moving.