TREAD 6 Hour Trail Run Relay for Pine River Fundraising CHAMPIONS!

Incredible – we’ve reached our preliminary $10,000 fundraising goal already!  The challenge is on now to raise another $10,000 by event day – for a total of $20,000 towards the Help Make A Home campaign. 

We have an urgent need to secure our home, upgrade our facilities, and expand our capacity to meet the growing demand for Pine River Institute’s expert care.  We need to raise $3.5 million to do just that.  We are currently about half way towards our campaign goal, thanks to a handful of committed individuals and foundations.  Raising a total of $20,000 through the TREAD 6 Hour Trail Run Relay for Pine River will be a great contribution to this campaign – and to the many youth and families who will have access to Pine River Institute’s care.

Your incredible support – as fundraisers, sponsors, and volunteers – inspires others to be a part of this Pine River Institute community coming together to Help Make A Home.  Many thanks.