This week's training tip from Coach Paul

“In order to do well in your race, you need to know your Pace”

In long distance running, pace is very important. Runners should try to avoid going out too fast, especially too early. Going out too slow can also be a bad thing - you can use more energy to run slowly and often offers diminished returns.

You should be running at a very comfortable pace and avoid running a faster pace than you can maintain. If you are running solo or several relay legs, you should WALK up the hills and save the running for flats and downhills (although while training, running up hills is helpful for muscle building and endurance). 

Having a good strategy regarding your pace before you start will help guarantee a successful finish.

We are getting close to race day and everyone training should be running on tired legs to prepare oneself for race day. 

Soon enough, we will be brushing shoulders at the start line. Keep up the training. We are almost done.