The Peak Experience Trip is a chance for stage 4-5 students to look back at the changes and progress they have made at PRI. It is also a time when they can look forward to the challenges of the transition period and after they leave PRI. We go on a 3 day hiking trip on the Bruce trail, which runs right by PRI’s doorstep! The staff team, made up of one Wilderness field staff and two Residential Youth Counsellors, facilitate this experience but the trip itself is mostly student lead. The main goal of the trip is to provide a point in time for students to gain perspective on their lives and work at PRI. In early December we had our first winter hiking trip and it was a lot of fun! We saw deer, camped out under the stars and had some great camp fires. We also finished the trip by climbing the one of the highest elevations on the Bruce Trail - which was a real highlight for the students.