Pine River Institute Receives Environmental Funding

Pine River Institute is proud to announce that we are the recipient of the Community Environment Fund Grant!  This grant, sponsored by Earth Day Canada and Sobey’s, supports local environmental initiatives and projects in Ontario. Pine River’s Sustainable Food Project will see the creation of a high-yield, organic vegetable garden; water harvesting; composting; and the creation of a new kitchen garden.  This kitchen garden will feature a wide variety of culinary herbs just steps from the kitchen door.  As students and staff prepare meals they can harvest fresh, wholesome herbs and vegetables.  

This project will increase access to organic produce; reduce water use; decrease emissions from food transportation; and educate students, families, staff and volunteers about local, sustainable food systems. 

Teacher Anne Thomson said,  “This project answers the call for healthier food in youth institutions.  Unlike the average Canadian school cafeteria, youth at the Pine River Institute are part of a much needed ground-breaking approach to institutional food sourcing.  Not only will the food be wholesome it will be ecologically sound, free of synthetic chemicals and prodced on-site.”

We are delighted with our new partnership with Earth Day Canada and look forward to seeing Pine River grow!