As Pine River Institute approaches its fifth anniversary of helping teens and families who are struggling with serious substance use problems, we are pleased to announce that on Sunday September 25, 2011, Pine River Institute and Chico Racing will be launching ”The Epic Team Challenge”, an exciting outdoor trail event to help raise funds and awareness for Pine River. This event will allow teams of family members, friends, colleagues, and supporters to come together for a day of connecting, fitness, entertainment, and laughter while helping to raise the bar for adolescent mental health and addiction treatment in Canada.

The Location - Glen Haffy Conservation Area (near Orangeville)

The event follows some of Ontario’s most beautiful terrain.  Less than an hour up Airport Road from Toronto, these 800 acres of buried escarpment showcase the breathtaking natural landscape and vistas over the Caledon hills. The park is a mix of rocky slabs, verdant hills, and pine and deciduous forests - a dramatic autumn backdrop for the event.

The Epic Team Challenge

Participants will work in teams for a day of outdoor adventure while completing a series of mental and physical challenges situated throughout the conservation area.

We Need Your Help!

We’re currently looking for:

1) Volunteers to help with organizing the event

2) Sponsors (cash and in-kind) to support the event

Some sponsorship areas we’re looking for include:

                       Food and Beverage

                       Donations for Prizes


                       Items for participant grab bags

                       Print media (banners, paper)

                       Communications and media

3) Quirky and fun ideas for challenges that could take place on the course.

If you are interested in volunteering, if you have any connections or interest in sponsorship, or you’ve got an idea about a potential challenge for the course, please contact Sam Yamada at

Mark your calendars, tell your friends and family!

Invite your family, your friends, and your colleagues to join you on Sunday September 25th 2011 for the first ever Epic Team Challenge.

Together, we can raise awareness and support for Pine River Institute so that young people and families struggling with serious substance use have somewhere to turn for help and Pine River can continue to push the envelope in the design and evaluation of innovative adolescent mental health and addictions treatment in Canada.