Living Library

Last week PRI students attended a “Living Library” event at the Orangeville Public Library. At a Living Library the “books” are people who have had unique life experience.  Students had a chance to connect one-on-one with people how have overcome challenges, faced oppression or for some reason are subjected to stereotyping and prejudices.

From the Living Library website:

What do we hope to accomplish?

Dufferin readers will be able to borrow a living book; through a personal contact we can break down barriers, see the human in the ‘other’ and realize that a stereotype never does justice to a person.

This is an opportunity for intercultural learning and personal development that brings people closer together in mutual and careful respect for the human dignity of the individual.

The heart and soul of this project are the volunteer Living Books, members of diverse groups in our local community.

Here is a list of the ” Living Books” available on Thursday, October 22 at the Living Library

  • Imam
  • Gay Woman
  • Muslim
  • New Immigrant (Filipino)
  • Gay Female Police Officer
  • A Non-Conformist Teen - Beyond the Freak
  • I’m not a Zombie
  • Starry Starry Sight - Living with a visual impairment
  • Visible Minority - High Achiever
  • Woman of Courage - Woman of Color
  • Black Man
  • Foster Parent - Loving Embraces
  • Being a Teen with Aspergers
  • Stay at home Father
  • Disabled but still Able
  • Living with a physical Disability and Loving it!
  • Gay Man
  • Communicates mostly without words
  • Living with Down Syndrome
  • A Book about a Lesbian