Lest We Forget

On November 11th the students at Pine River Institute organized a touching ceremony for Remembrance Day.   Students shared stories, read poems and sang songs that reflected the themes of Remembrance, Sacrifice, Gratitude and Freedom.   One student presented an original poem that he wrote in honour of our fallen heroes.  Also, a group of three students wrote and performed a rap song to commemorate the day.  The highlights of this moving and inspirational ceremony were the creativity and confidence of the students involved.  Lest we forget.


By Ben S.

Remember the Fallen Heroes, Lives severed, Their Souls tethered,

Fallen Heroes, Remember, Fallen like the Snowflakes of December.

Remember The Fathers, The Sons, The Brothers,

Remember the Heroes Forever,

Remember the Sacrifice They Made on That Endeavor,

They Had no Choice, but to Use Weapons and Force, With no Course, Reason or Voice,

They Fought for You, They Fought for Me,

They Fought for a Gift, That We Could Live Free,

To SomeHaving Freedom is Worth Crying for,

To ThemGiving Freedom Was Worth Dying for.

They Fought for Freedom, That was Their Mission,

They Didn’t Fight for My Freedom, so I Could End up in Prison,

They Didn’t Fight for Freedom, so They Could be Missed,

They Fought for Freedom, Families, and Loved Ones, Risked,

Freedom, With a Verdict, We Couldn’t Predict,

Freedom, so That I can Fight My Demons, and be More Than “Just An Addict”.

They Fought Through Struggle and Strife,

So That You and I Could Live a Righteous Life.

And so I am Thankful for Their Sacrifice,

So Thankful, That a Moment of Silence, Just Won’t Suffice.

And I Won’t Let the Memory be Temporary,

The Memory will Last for Eternity,

I Will Remember Every Day, for Every Year,

On the Second, on The Tenth, and Even on The Seventh, I Will Remember,

And on November Eleventh, I will Show My Gratitude,

Like I am the Hunger, and Remembrance is My Food,

Such Courage is Seen, so Very Seldom,

For Every Poppy Planted, is a “Thank - You” I can Never Tell Them.