IECA Conference and Campus visits

The Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) conference was held in Toronto for the first time this May, and we were so excited to welcome everyone to our neighbourhood!  In addition to attending the conference sessions, we:

  • Hosted morning yoga classes for conference participants right in the hotel.  Janice Skinner taught these early morning classes, and Lululemon donated the yoga mats which are now on campus for student and family use. (BIG THANKS to LULULEMON!)
  • Pine River clinical director Dr. Victoria Creighton, and Montana Academy clinical director Dr. John McKinnon co-led a conference breakout session, Transition to Adulthood:  Concepts, Issues, Strategies: New science is altering our understanding of adolescence.  This has profound implications for parents, educators, and professionals to help youth set healthy patterns that will carry them into adulthood.  This session provides a conceptual framework for understanding the maturation process of adolescents into adulthood, what supports they need to successfully make this transition, and what to do when things go wrong.  What are the best strategies for educators and parents to help teens and young adults grow into more capable decision-makers?

Before and after the conference, we hosted several educational consultants at the school for a tour and visit with our students and staff.  These consultants work with families to find the right program and often support a family through treatment, transition, and aftercare.  They do great work, and they left with a small token of our appreciation - the much coveted ‘Pine River Gold’ maple syrup!