Evaluating treatment: 9 Ontario programs collaborating on program and outcome evaluation

The Research Department at Pine River Institute is pleased to announce the approval of a grant application to the Ontario Centre of Excellence in Child and Youth Mental Health Knowledge Exchange Initiatives. PRI was the lead applicant in a team of nine organizations on the project named: 

First Steps for Systematic Evaluation of Child & Youth Mental Health and Addiction Treatment

This funding of almost $15,000 will support a workshop in November 2012 that will allow program representatives in the youth addictions sector to start what we call the ‘messy conversation’ about what we think our program outcomes are, what we measure, and what we think are the necessary elements of program evaluation for youth treatment. This is a first step toward increased capacity and a shared approach for program evaluation in Ontario in the youth addiction sector. We will continue these conversations via teleconferences, and synthesize our findings to inform a plan for a province-wide roll out of similar workshops.