A day in the life… A couple of weeks ago the Kaiser Foundation came to the school to film a short video for the awards dinner on May 26.  We didn’t have any ‘special programming’ scheduled that day, and the filmmaker was wondering ahead of time what he might be able to catch on camera.  So what did he find on this typical day? Upon reaching the top of the long forested drive to the school, we found the students engaged in a team-building activity (easier seen in the photo above, than described).  From there they hiked into the woods to collect sap from the maple trees to boil over the campfire.  Up next, half of the students gathered in a drum circle for music therapy while the other half met in the art cabin for art therapy.  Teri and Pete cooked up another delicious meal of fresh made minestrone, quiche, and salad to refuel for the afternoon.  Wouldn’t it be nice if all schools were like this?