In June 2014 PRI students helped John Fallis, our Executive Director of Operations, to install two bee hives on campus. The hives grew and strengthened over the summer of 2014, survived the long winter, and started the spring in good shape. Many of our current students have been intrigued by these colonies and often request time to inspect the hives. This means getting suited up with protective clothing and headgear and opening up the hives to see what is going on. The students are getting good at identifying the stages of brood in the colony and have developed a real appreciation for fresh honey. They had hoped to harvest 40 kilograms of liquid honey.

Well...a few weeks ago our two Pine River hives produced about 50 kg of liquid gold! The students did a great job with the extracting, straining, and bottling of our "Pine River Gold” summer edition. It will be used in the kitchen, sold to staff and families, and given out as gifts.