New CEO for Pine River Foundation

The Pine River community welcomes Jennifer Blunt as CEO of Pine River Foundation.

Jennifer brings 25 years of experience in fund development and a huge passion for helping youth and families overcome addiction and mental health issues. 

Her interest in the field of addiction stems back to her undergraduate years as a Psychology Major at Queens University where she completed a thesis investigating the interrelationship between eating disorders and alcoholism. Jennifer’s final summer at Queens was spent leading at-risk youth on ten-day wilderness expeditions into Algonquin Park; a rewarding experience that touched her deeply. 

Since graduation, Jennifer has held various roles in sales, marketing, and fundraising management. Her career in fund development led her to the Toronto Public Library where she helped initiate the first ever Canadian library fundraising campaign and ultimately became the founding President of the Toronto Public Library Foundation.

After a short hiatus to start her family, Jennifer rejoined the workforce in 2004 on a part-time basis as Director of Development for Portage Ontario. Over the last twelve years, she has assumed increased responsibility for the growth and stabilization of public and private funding for Portage. She has built considerable knowledge and strong connections in the field of youth addiction and mental health.

Jennifer lives in Toronto with her husband Robert Blunt, two teenage daughters, and an array of pets. They especially enjoy time at the family cottage, outdoor sports (rowing and skiing), and entertaining family and friends. 

Jennifer assumed her responsibilities as CEO of Pine River Foundation October 1, 2015.