We have the spirit!  Pine River is hosting its own olympics this summer.  Here is the schedule of events.

Visit report of Pine River on Woodbury Reports

The Woodbury Reports are widely read and respected by parents and professionals, in particular educational consultants in the U.S. and Canada who are looking for a program as a potential placement for their client or child. It provides an independent assessment of Pine River by U.S. evaluator Lon Woodbury who compares Pine River with similar programs internationally.  

You can see the full report here

Here are some highlights:

  • Arriving at the 200 acre campus, it looked like a typical idyllic program with students who looked and acted much like typical teens, which considering their past indicates an impressive accomplishment. The initial impression is very similar to what I see at other quality therapeutic boarding schools.”
  • “This coed program serves students ages 13-19 with a primary emphasis on substance abuse. But they don’t stop there. They are very strong in working with a multitude of other serious disorders also, to the extent that they often will accept a child who has been rejected by other treatment facilities.”
  • “This program works with a very troubled population whose typical alternative would have been some secure and highly clinical treatment center that was closed off for their own protection…Pine River’s option of a healthy, open and natural environment for treatment is a much better alternative.”
  • In all, there is a concept of a continuing flow of progress starting with the impact of the initial wilderness and gradually, step by step, helping the students progress toward living successfully on their own.”
  • “Pine River Institute was specifically designed to incorporate the best aspects of existing programs and the evidence base available in studies of adolescent development, mental health and addiction treatment… it appears that they have been very successful at that and it seems that Pine River is getting great results.” 

Some shots of this years organic garden that the staff and students planned, planted, care for, and now eat from!  From left: beans, purple potatoes, onions, and broccoli.  Yum.

We received a research grant from The Provincial Centre of Excellence in Child and Youth Mental Health at CHEO

Pine River has been awarded our first research grant! The Provincial Centre of Excellence in Child and Youth Mental Health at CHEO has awarded $30,000 towards our program evaluation research.

This is a wonderful opportunity to enhance our research efforts and underwrite some of the costs. The Centre also provides professional support to advance our research capacity. Samantha Yamada, our Research Coordinator, is in the midst of preparing the second interim program evaluation report and we look forward to sharing the results with you. This research grant is tremendously encouraging as we develop this important aspect of Pine River Institute: measuring what we do, using the data to improve what we do, and contributing to building an evidence base for adolescent addiction treatment practices.

Pine River Institute website

This is where you can find information about Pine River Institute.  There are also all kinds of resources on the ‘Parent Resources’ page.  Check it out.

Hope is a Place film - this is a Public Service Announcement that has been on tv for a while.

Pine River launches a blog

It’s July 23, 2008 and we are officially launching our blog today. Check back often to stay connected.