On June 1st eight Pine River students proudly received their Ontario Secondary School Diplomas (OSSD), five of whom were Ontario Scholars (an average of 80% or greater)! About 40 family and friends helped us to celebrate these remarkable young people and their accomplishments. The weather was perfect - sunny, warm, with a little breeze to keep the bugs away.  

AND....the pavilion garden project, led by our Educational Assistant Janet Piper, was completed just in time. Janet headed the ambitious project to move this structure from down the hill near Benos gym to the back of the school, and transform it to a gorgeous pavilion garden. Janet's husband, her son-in-law, and some friends volunteered their time and replaced the roof that was damaged in the ice storm and installed a lovely ceiling. Our students were involved in the construction, moving soil and lime stone, and planting new trees and flowers as part of their PRI credit. "Without the amazing help from John Killen (Maintenance Coordinator) we could NOT have done all of this", Janet said. And thanks to Home Depot for a grant that helped with costs.

Janet provided this update in mid-May: "We are in the home stretch. We were working on it on Saturday 14th but it was so cold and rainy. Once people started blowing on their hands to keep them warm, I said, "That's it, time to go home and warm up." [You may recall we had snow on Sun May 15th.] So James (my husband) and I will be back building this weekend to finish up (May 21-23). I'm hoping to have the annuals planted by the end of this week (May 19)."

Well, seeing is believing... 

Teachers : Sarah Earley, Ryan Stewart, Sasha Reeve;  VP   (UGDSB) : Steve McGill

Teachers: Sarah Earley, Ryan Stewart, Sasha Reeve; VP (UGDSB): Steve McGill