“Live” Collection

Pine River is committed to helping adolescents in crisis regain their lives, their families, and their futures.  Every year, Pine River must turn away many desperate families.  Simply put, the demand exceeds our capacity. 

The LIVE collection of opportunities is about increasing access to care by finding ways to meet the needs of more teens and their families, year over year.  We believe that all youth in crisis should have access to expert care.  With a consistent wait list of upwards of 200 families, we know that we are not alone in this belief! 

GIRLS’ DORMITORY                                               
Capital Objective:  $2,300,000

With space for only 36 teens at our Shelburne campus, in the literal sense “room for hope” entails some bricks and mortar.  Building a new dormitory for female students will increase Pine River’s capacity by 20 beds while enabling gender separation -- an important best practice for teen treatment facilities.

The 6,600 square-foot building will house five new bedrooms in addition to activity and instructional space for the girls. This initiative will have a domino effect by freeing up additional bedrooms and activity space for boys.       

Annual Objective:  $250,000  

"Room for hope" entails increasing access to Pine River by making more bursaries available to families in need of financial support. Bursaries ensure that more youth and families can participate in the Pine River program.

Of the 36 beds, 29 are funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. While the Ministry of Health covers 90 per cent of the cost for these beds, families must pay $650 per month in supplementary fees to cover the full cost of care at Pine River. The seven remaining beds are non-funded, and only available on a fee-for-service basis.

While non-funded beds are accessible relatively quickly, there is an approximate one-year wait for the Ministry-funded beds. A year is an eternity for a young person and family in crisis. Some families decide they simply can’t afford to wait even though the full cost of treatment is a prohibitive burden. 

The Bursary Program exists to help any family in need by providing a partial subsidy, based on individual financial circumstance, towards the cost of care at Pine River – whether for a funded or a non-funded bed. Bursaries are provided to single parents, families with low or no income due to employment status, and families who have large mortgages and many children to support.

Pine River’s vision is to grow and maintain our Bursary Program so that families are not denied care for their child due to financial constraints.