“Learn” Collection

One of the keys to Pine River’s unparalleled success rate is our holistic blend of therapeutic, educational and recreational programming. Enhancing our programming through added excursions and new arts, music and fitness equipment and supplies helps foster greater accomplishment and self-worth.

Another important form of learning is to develop our capacity for clinical research and to increase our ability to evaluate program effectiveness. We will do this by building and expanding partnerships with academic and clinical researchers, and by sharing our learnings about teen addiction and mental health for the benefit of others.

Excellence in Programming

Like hospitals, schools and universities, we rely on the generosity of individuals, foundations and corporations. This philanthropic giving allow us to continually enhance the Pine River environment, therapy and experiential learning for our students.  The “LEARN” collection envelops a wide range of gift opportunities, including:

Indoor and Outdoor Recreation and Physical Education           Objective:  $25,000/year

To enhance our programs, Pine River needs new equipment, equipment upgrades and excursions. The wish list includes items such as canoes and a canoe trailer so that students can take short excursions from the Shelburne campus.  Horseback riding lessons, mountain bikes, cross-country ski equipment, snow shoes and a snowmobile and trailer would enable the Outdoor Leadership Experience Therapist to make year-round visits to remote wilderness campsites.  

Low-Ropes Challenge Course                                                         Objective: $30,000

A leadership and team-building skill development structure built directly into Pine River’s surrounding forest would provide an excellent opportunity to build physical and emotional resilience.

Art and Music Therapy                 
Objective: $15,000/year

In addition to the ongoing need for supplies such as sketch books, canvases, clay, paints, glazes and printing supplies, the current arts wish list includes sewing machines and a kiln. The wish list also entails building a collection of bongo drums, congas, maracas and other percussion instruments that will have a lasting impact on the Music Therapy Program.

Research Capacity Building

The Room for Hope vision extends beyond expanding physical capacity and continually improving upon the Pine River model.  This model is unique and outcomes suggest that our students are achieving unparalleled rates of success. To fully understand what drives this success, we want to build our research capacity to isolate what works and what doesn’t. By actively partnering with post-secondary institutions and sharing what we learn with other mental health and addictions agencies, we can collectively improve outcomes for youth and families in crisis here and around the globe.

Expanding Research Capacity                                             
Objective: $40,000/year

To build upon the body of work already initiated by Pine River, we must extend our current Director of Research and Evaluation from a part-time to a full-time position. With our mounting reputation and limited resources, we cannot keep pace with invitations to provide expert input on youth mental health and addiction at national and international conferences. The added capacity will also enable our Director of Research to take part in more joint research initiatives and publications. In the past year, we have had to decline or defer participation in several worthwhile initiatives which could have had broad social impact.

Clinician Researcher     
Objective: $60,000/year

This half-time position will further Pine River’s clinical research capacity by expanding our strength in the area of qualitative research.  In particular, the Clinician Researcher will focus on questions such as, “What promotes change?” “Whom does Pine River’s program not work for, and why?” “How can Pine River adjust and adapt to best meet adolescent needs?”  The Clinician Researcher will also promote and support partnerships between Pine River and post-secondary institutions.

Post-Doctoral Fellowships                                                             
Objective: $85,000/year

The Post-Doctoral Fellowship will further Pine River’s research mission in partnership with a post-secondary institution.  Funding will cover the cost of offering a 36-month fellowship for a Post-Doctoral researcher. The research initiative will be jointly determined based on the interest of the researcher and the priorities of the partner institution. Focus will be on a specific aspect of youth addiction and mental health, allowing Pine River to advance its research work and contribute to overall sector-building initiatives.

Knowledge Sharing

Presentations & Participation
Objective: $100,000   

2017 Symposium on Marijuana
On October 3o, 2017 Pine River Institute will bring together experts on adolescent development,  addiction and mental health care, public policy, and lived experience to discuss the many implications of marijuana legalization on our way of life, including the impact on the healthcare system and how to protect children and youth from the risks posed by cannabis on their developing brains.