“Launch” Collection

Pine River’s Aftercare Program identifies the supports, concerns, triggers, commitments and goals that help students and their families succeed in a post-residential or outpatient treatment environment. Increasing our aftercare capacity will enhance access to this critical service, providing a foundation for lasting success for all students and family members.

Pine River aspires to open a Transition House to provide “step down care” for youth as they return to their home community. The Transition House will also impact capacity by adding beds and freeing up the more “intensive” treatment beds sooner for new clients. 

Aftercare Programming                                                                   Annual Objective: $75,000

After months of focused healing in a highly structured environment, the challenges of returning to one’s home and community can be daunting. Incorporating a new way of being into previously established relationships is a formidable task, as many relationships are strongly associated with negative emotions, poor choices and severe consequences. For these reasons, access to the Pine River Aftercare Program and ongoing therapy services is essential.

The Pine River Aftercare Coordinator provides ongoing individual and family sessions, weekly check-ins, monthly parent groups and weekly transition groups for students who are nearing and/or have completed the residential phase of their program. The results are telling: Pine River’s outcomes evaluation report shows that periodic slips are significantly less likely when a student engages in aftercare support.

In order to maintain abstinence and successfully manage mental health issues, some Pine River graduates require additional therapeutic support in their home community.  Pine River supports students who require psychotherapy or counselling by helping them to establish therapeutic relationships with appropriate local providers. Where the cost of care is a barrier, Pine River also provides assistance through the Bursary  Program.

Transition House                                                                               2018-21 Annual Objective: $500,000

Most adolescents who attend Pine River come from urban communities. They spend six to eight weeks in the Outdoor Leadership Experience at Algonquin Park plus an average of 12 months in the highly structured setting of the Pine River residential campus. 

The Transition House will assist in the reintegration process by helping adolescents ease back into a less structured environment in an urban setting. The Transition House will provide “step down” care and ideally be located in a smaller city with both secondary and post-secondary educational institutions. The Transition House will increase overall program capacity by up to eight beds.