How Do I Know My Child Needs Help?

There is a spectrum of services available for youth struggling with mental health issues and addictive behaviours. The most appropriate service for your child will reflect the severity and complexity of his or her issues, and your child and family’s individual needs.

The students at Pine River are aged 13 to 19. These youth are typically experiencing a global breakdown – in school, in relationships, in physical health, in emotional development.

Common characteristics of  youth who attend Pine River include:

  • Problematic drug and/or alcohol use 
  • Addictive behaviours such as self-harm, eating disorders
  • Depression and/or anxiety
  • Family conflict
  • Low self-esteem
  • Lack of motivation
  • Excessive anger, defiance
  • School truancy, failure, suspension, or expulsion
  • Running away
  • Street involvement
  • Contact with the law, and/or
  • Trauma

Most have experienced a number of interventions: individual psychotherapy, family therapy, medical intervention, day treatment, or short-term residential programs. They have not responded to these less intensive interventions, and continue to spiral down. At Pine River they find a home; a place where they feel safe and inspired to change and mature. 

If you think Pine River may be the right choice for your family based on what you have read and/or heard about our program, the first step is to get in touch. You can do this by setting up a secure online account here. Once we have received this form, the Admissions Director will contact you about next steps.

Or, if you’d prefer to speak to us first, please contact our Admissions Director, John Mallon, at 519.925.9225, ext. 102. Our Admissions Team will work with you to determine if Pine River is the best option for your child and family.