Our Mission


Pine River Foundation (PRF) supports excellence, integrity, and innovation in the treatment and study of adolescent mental health and addiction.

Our primary focus is to advance the work, reach and impact of Pine River Institute, a uniquely successful, comprehensive, and family centered treatment program for teens who are struggling with addictive behaviours and often other mental health issues. 

The generous support of our donors sustains everything we do to ensure that more youth, and their families, have access to the quality care, services and information they need to get and keep their lives, relationships and futures on track.

Pine River works

Pine River allows troubled teens to reclaim their lives, their families and their futures. Among those who complete the program, four out of five teens will thrive and flourish. 

We are proud to share with you here the 2017 Social Return on Investment (SROI) for Pine River Institute prepared by McMaster University’s DeGroote School of Business. Working with a decade of outcomes evaluation data from Pine River, study authors applied a rigorous methodology to measure the broader socio-economic impact of our program, concluding that its SROI averaged 7:1. Simply put, every dollar invested in Pine River Institute results in a 700 per cent return.

These measures of success demonstrate that Pine River is an effective, innovative and accountable steward of its resources.

Building on success

Since inception, Pine River Foundation has raised $8 million to invest in Pine River Institute. It’s not only a worthy cause, it’s a wise investment.

Our vision for the future is ambitious but essential: we want to help many more teens and families in need.

That goes beyond simply expanding our capacity and continually improving the Pine River model. We want to increase our research efforts through strategic partnerships. By sharing what we learn with other agencies in Canada and around the world, we can improve outcomes for all young people.

Why Support Pine River?

Since 2006, Pine River Foundation donors have made it possible for hundreds of young people to access the best possible care.  But with a waiting list that regularly exceeds 200 adolescents, many desperate families must be turned away.  

A unique residential treatment centre for teens with substance abuse and mental health issues, Pine River is the first and only program of its kind in Canada. 

It is also the only program to focus unflinchingly on continuous improvement and stakeholder accountability by embedding outcomes and evaluation reporting in its design.

Pine River is now leading a provincial initiative to help other youth treatment providers conduct similar outcomes evaluation studies. 

With your support, we can improve our capacity to help more youth and their families achieve better outcomes not only at Pine River, but around the world.  Through research and strategic partnerships, we can identify and share findings that will improve treatment outcomes for youth and families everywhere.