Challenge your family to log off to
re-connect this Family Day. 


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Simple and low-cost activities that'll get - and keep - the whole family offline:

  1. Here are some simple and low-cost activities you can take part in together, offline. 

  2. Instead of chasing likes, chase adventure with an urban scavenger hunt.
  3. Host a device-free dinner and games night with family and friends.
  4. Explore  Toronto's great outdoor spaces.
  5. Ditch the Wii for a night of bowling or in-door sports.
  6. Enjoy a family skate at Nathan Phillips Square.
  7. Catch the Olympic spirit with your own homemade Winter Games.
  8. Bring the fun of camping indoors by telling ghost stories and making S'mores in the cozy comfort of home.
  9. Teach each other a new skill, like how to cook or play an instrument.
  10. Make a 2018 bucket list. You'll soon have less time and desire to surf the net

Happy Family Day!