We are a family-centered program, and family participation is critical. We work with families to accommodate long distances by phone and/or video, and encourage visits to the campus whenever possible. 

Parent Involvement – The Parallel Process

Parents have a very important role in the therapeutic process. We work with students and families to make shifts over time, which come with increased social and emotional maturity. Our experience and our evaluation outcomes have taught us that the greater the engagement and self-growth of parents/guardians, the greater the success a child will experience after Pine River. We refer to this as the Parallel Process, and stress its importance to the success of the program.

It is not our intent to blame parents for their child’s difficulties, but rather to walk alongside parents as they courageously learn about themselves, look at their past relationships within their own families, and begin a new relationship with their child.

Family and parent-centered activities

Parents/guardians are expected to participate in regular family therapy sessions, treatment progress meetings, family group every other Sunday, evening bi-weekly parent group (in-person or phone-in), a parent retreat, and semi-annual two-day parent workshops. In other words, hard work and change happen for everyone in the family.

Family Bridge

Family Bridge is a secure online tool designed to enhance your family’s connection to Pine River, and to help build your community of support.  Each family has its own personal Family Bridge website that can be accessed by invitation only.  This website will help you stay connected with your child at Pine River, your Pine River therapist, and with what’s happening in the program. You will also find here a ‘Bridge-Wide Library’ with articles, video, and links that are updated by PRI staff regularly.